Engineering Manager (x/f/m)

Unlimited Contract - Berlin HQ

Who we are

Founded in 2013, Doctolib is the fastest growing and one of the leading e-health services in Europe.

For healthcare professionals
We provide healthcare professionals with a software solution with a full range of services to help improve the efficiency of their operations, provide their patients with a more seamless experience, attract new patients, and collaborate with other practitioners.

For patients
We provide patients with a more transparent access to healthcare and a full suite of online services to manage their health: from finding nearby healthcare professionals, to booking/managing appointments 24/7 online, having remote medical consultations via video and receiving a digital prescription in their online account. 

Key figures

  • We partner with 125,000 healthcare professionals and 3,000 healthcare facilities including some of the largest hospitals in France and Germany;
  • We have 50+ million patient visits on our platform every month in France and Germany combined;
  • 125,000 video consultations happen daily on the Doctolib app;
  • We plan to hire 2,000 Doctolibers in the coming years to transform the healthcare sector.
We are hiring Engineering Managers to build new feature teams and products key to the future of healthcare.
Our engineering Managers coach, mentor and lead small full stack teams of full stack developers. In this role you will be both a technical leader and a people manager. Coaching & training your team and building an amazing engineering organisation at Doctolib. You will;
·Make technical decisions everyday.
·drive a high performing team, 
·focus on maximizing efficiency
·empowering developers to build better products. 
While you may not be required to code everyday you will lead from the front and get stuck in from time to time. Your core focus will be Improving the performance of the team you manage. You will also collaborate closely with product leaders to ensure the road-map is delivered to the best of our ability. You will team up with our People team to recruit, develop and retain talent. You will influence our tech brand, represent Doctolib in the community and help millions  of people get access to the healthcare they need.
We do daily deployments on a CI pipeline with 13K+ tests. Everything runs on Ruby on Rails, backed by PostgreSQL and Redis. Front side, we bet on React even for our Mobile apps. 
Changing healthcare is not easy, our engineering managers are solving the most complex of the challenges we face. You will care deeply about test driven, pragmatically engineered code and work every day on things like keeping our site hyper-secure, ensuring zero downtime and incident management. 
Under the hood, our systems integrate with doctors and hospitals booking systems so patients can access the healthcare they need at any time. We build systems that help tens of  thousands of doctors focus on taking care of their patients. 
You are an engineer at heart but love leading people. You previously aced back-end functionalities on MVC frameworks, have the ability to adapt to the most efficient technologies to solve issues, bring solutions to the table, develop super robust and secure products with eXtreme programming practices. 
We are a team of 70 developers and 12+ managers across Berlin and Paris. You will have the opportunity to travel between offices, go to conferences, contribute to open source, interview future colleagues. We want you to help us build an amazing team and a brilliant company. You will have the support of our leadership academy and ongoing training from day one.
Here at Doctolib, we all share the same obsession: provide the best experience for the users of our products and change the way people access healthcare.

Our 6 Doctolib Pillars "SCALES": 

  • SERVE: Provide exceptional service to healthcare professionals & patients
  • CARE: Take care of our team
  • ACT: Be action-oriented and bold
  • LEARN: Be humble and learn 3 things every day
  • ENJOY : Enjoy and maintain a high level of energy
  • STRUCTURE: Work with methodology & efficiency to scale

We are moving into our new offices in central Berlin by September 2020. Apply now! Join us on this mission. We are excited to help you grow with us.