Devops/SRE [CI/CD & Tooling] - Engineering Efficiency Squad

Full-time - Paris
You are a Devops which enjoys maintaining a big CI infrastructure. You want to improve your coding skills by developing tools which improves the efficiency of the doctolib engineering team. Join us!

Example of our current challenges:
- Revamp the daily rollout process to make it smoother and less time consuming.
- Build load tests to be able to benchmark the next PostgreSQL version upgrade under 300% production load.
- Find ways to reduce the start time of a Rails test below 10 seconds.
- Work on an innovative CI platform that scales and speed like no other: run 13 hours of automated tests in less than 10 minutes, 250 times a day in a CI pipeline for 70 developers.

The Doctolib engineering team deploys code into production every day (we’re not afraid of Fridays here) and builds a user-focused product that helps millions of people. What we are building is hyper-secure, test-driven and pragmatically user-friendly. This is thanks to our tech values:
 - User first: both patients and professionals, we always put our users first.
 - Ownership: The product must be ours so we can make the right decisions.
 - Keep the stack simple: be pragmatic, no tech for the sake of tech.
 - Learn & Grow: everything goes fast, but we help you to grow and learn with us.
 - Security and Reliability: we take this seriously and embrace privacy by design.

The Engineering Efficiency (EE) team want to improves the productivity of the engineering team, by providing the best engineering environment, from dev to production. This dedicated team focuses on tools and cross-team issues. We are hiring a Devops Engineer. Main responsibilities are:
- Automating the management of all tools, especially the CI and CD pipelines.
- Keep all these tools online.
- Designing, improving and coding tools with the others team members (example: new CI, triage automation of production events, ...)
- Designing, improving and implementing processes to boost the global engineering efficiency (example: duty role, rollout process, ...)
- Working with the DevOps team, in charge of the production platform, to align tooling and best practice everywhere.

- Curiosity / autonomy: we are using multiple tools and technologies, and the list is moving fast. You need to learn quickly, and enjoy discovering new stuff every day.
- Devops skills: you need to be fluent in troubleshooting and automation. An experience with automation and CI tools is required, but not a specific one.
- Developer skills: You will work on the same project than the other developers of the team, so you will code a lot. No need to be an expert at the beginning, but you must have the desire to code.
- Current tools we are using everyday: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, bash, Kubernetes, Terraform, Datadog, TeamCity ...

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